Playing acoustic-based music that combines the melodic simplicity of bluegrass with the emotional expression of contemporary singer/songwriters, Jenny & Tyler are a husband-and-wife duo whose music and message are informed by their strong Christian faith. Jenny Appel and Tyler Somers first met in 2004 when they were students at the University of Delaware; he was a worship leader with the Baptist Student Ministry that she regularly attended. The two became fast friends, and in time, their relationship evolved into something deeper. Jenny had begun writing songs in her early teens as a means of self-expression, and her parents were serious fans of gospel and bluegrass music, while her dad was also an amateur luthier. Tyler, meanwhile, also came from a musical household: he was the son of a jazz composer, Wilson Somers, who also taught music, and his mother was a singer. Both Jenny and Tyler performed music in their spare time, and they soon began accompanying one another and writing songs as a duo.