Porn is Hate

Porn is ubiquitous in our culture. In this podcast, I have a couple discussions I have from campus on pornography.

Francis Schaeffer & Pre-Evangelism

Francis Schaeffer introduced me to the idea of pre-evangelism, which is an attempt to find a point of contact and tension in your neighbors non-Christian philosophy and then seeking to apply the Gospel to their life. This is a dialogue I had with a young woman on a campus, which is my attempt at some […]

Andy Stanley and Beth Allison Barr

A brief interaction with an Andy Stanley tweet and some thoughts on Beth Allison Barr on the “household codes” and the Christian house.

Beth Allison Barr and The Breaking of Biblical Personhood

Beth Allison Barr’s “The Making of Biblical Womanhood” is one of the latest attacks on creation and redemption. This work attempts to be an “insider” critique, an ex-complementarian that has seen the light of egalitarianism, but it is a sub-biblical anthropology, theology, and history.

KDCP Ep. 79 Persecution Under Pluralism

Tacitus said that Christians were identified as “haters of the human race.” There is nothing new under the pluralist sun and Christians are still identified as “haters of humanity,” which is still the pretext of their marginalization/persecution in a pluralist State.

KDCP Ep 78 Rush Limbaugh, RIP, & His Influence

I first heard Rush Limbaugh in the early ’90’s, then in the summer of ’92, I read his book “The Way Things Ought to Be,” which had a profound influence on my thinking, and was a means the Lord used to bring me to the Gospel. This is a small tribute or thank you to […]