DOANE!T Episode 136: What Creative Courage Looks Like

Courage. It’s not listening to everyone and making changes. That’s cowardice. Courage is taking responsibility in the face of possibly getting fired. Listening to everyone is just hedging your bets so there’s confusion as to who was at fault.

DOANE!T Episode 65: Epic 2 Hour Keynote With Q&A

August 6th, 2020, Darren gives a 2 hour Keynote with Q&A on Social Media and why every business and creator needs to be posting 100 times a day. This talk is for business owners, creators, sales reps, entrepreneurs, parents, basically anyone that needs to communicate! 

DOANE!T Episode 26: Interview With TC Cook

Darren takes a phone call with TC Cook, Executive Director at PowerHouse, a nonprofit organization in Washington, Indiana. Listen in on an insightful discussion about consulting and business strategies with some fun stories. TC Cook used to be an Uber driver for the Amish! Listen in on The Doane Cast! 

DOANE!T Episode 24: Conversation With Nicholas Litwin

Content creator Nicholas Litwin calls Darren for a lively conversation about Darren’s personal journey as a filmmaker, the drastic change of content creating, and what it look like to be an artist in the world today. Listen in to hear how did Darren himself get started? How did Darren become a Christian? How should we […]

DOANE!T Episode 23: Conversation With Dan Dobi

Darren calls filmmaker Dan Dobi out of the blue to discuss a variety of topics with no agenda. Hear a great conversation about their past experiences together, the film industry, current projects, as well as how to hustle and grind to get stuff done. 

DOANE!T Episode Eighteen: The Truck Cast: Why Create So Much?

Darren on the road answers the question of why create so much? With the importance of creating content, listen in on why content creators need to be investing with their social media. It’s not about selling someone a product but about your brand and reputation. Welcome to the Truck Cast! 

DOANE!T Episode Seventeen: Doane Studio Interview

Another Washington State University student reaches out to Darren to talk about film, content platforms, and brand building. Listen in on an eye-opening discussion on the freedom previous generations did not have to create any kind of content we want! Darren also shares his experience behind the camera of movies, music videos, and his take […]

DOANE!T Episode Fourteen: Breakfast Interview

Don’t underestimate the power of reaching out! Washington State University student contacts Darren after finding his content on Instagram and was inspired by his work. Meeting for breakfast, Darren sits down with him to discuss everything from content creation to what a filmmaker actually does. Hear an excellent discussion talking about Tarantino and Kubrick films, […]

DOANE!T Episode Thirteen: Talk at Sierra International Machinery

In this special episode, Darren gives a very informative talk at Sierra International Machinery in Bakersfield, California. Come hear Darren share his story on becoming an independent filmmaker and applicable insights on getting things done in the corporate world. If you are a sales representative in any business or wanting insights on hustling to sell […]

DOANE!T Episode Ten: The Hustle Grind Pubcast: Pure Hustle and Grind

The world is at our fingertips and this generation seems to look past it. In this fascinating episode, Darren reflects on what pure hustling and grinding looked like in the early 90s and 2000s. It’s hard to believe people didn’t have what we have today right? What’s even harder to believe are people not hustling […]

DOANE!T Episode Nine: The Hustle Grind Pubcast

Within the Doane Cast, as we go deeper into the Doaneverse, there will be multiple platforms of Podcasts and content from Darren himself. Make sense? It doesn’t have to because we aren’t trying to be precious. With some beats lairing the thoughts of Doane, The Hustle Grind Pub is a place where Darren discusses what […]