Law and Profits – Some ESV for AOC

Law and Profits

On this episode of Law and Profits we talk about Alexandria Ocasi0-Cortez. I never thought I would say this, but she used Leviticus to defend her policies! Keep going! We also talk about what happened this week with Jon Speed and his book store closing to protest abortion! Support Jon Speed’s book store by going […]

The Burden of Proof

In our culture we are constantly required to give in to the claims of Science. The phrase “Science has proven” is the Q.E.D. of modern debate. Moderns scoff at the idea of God being on their side, yet easily swallow the notion that Science is on their side. This year the March for Science and […]

Global Climate Something

The fun part about writing for a Christian blog that’s specifically political in its emphasis is that these days everything is a partisan political issue. Only an American could make a political football out of an issue like the weather. But this is what we have in the issue of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). Many […]