DOANE!T Episode 36: Container Talk with Brandon Allen

Darren sits down with Mortgage Loan Officer, Brandon Allen. Brandon shares his life journey from being a farmer, a banker, to what he is doing now in helping people understand and execute major financial decisions. Listen in on a very insightful episode about what the future looks like in the real estate world and practical […]

HtBT: Ep 189 – Diversify your home?

Business Podcast: We discuss a new product to diversify your home and the future of home connectivity. Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Subscribe on Youtube Follow us on Minds New Perk! Become a Fight Laugh Feast Member click here, scroll down, and put “HTBT” in the memo to get a HTBT […]

HtBT: Ep 157 – What happened was terrible

Business Podcast: We discuss what terrible business experience I had and what we can learn from it. We also discuss what is going on with the global growth forecast and the impact of 10 meetings in one day. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram […]

HtBT: Ep 129 – More than location, location, location

Business Podcast: We discuss what you need to know when buying a house, like how much you’re really paying for the home. We also discuss the contracts you sign and other elements of the home buying deal you might look over if you’ve never bought a house. Link to calculator on show: Picture of […]

HtBT: Ep 127 – How much is your house really worth?

Business Podcast: We talk about some shocking news I have never heard of before that the government is doing that might impact the value of our homes. We also talk about a discussion with a liberal economist I know about home prices and why they are high and supply isn’t increasing and if that is […]

HtBT: Ep 41 – How to have your family on a podcast Let’s discuss with my wife her career in Commercial Property Management. We discuss what to expect in a career in property management and what trends there are in the industry for those looking for a new property for you business or company.