HtBT: Ep 184 – How to really learn

Business Podcast: We discuss Bill Gates 3 fields that if people know will be agents of change in their organization. We also talk about how to learn and not forget. We then talk about the importance of state funded projects vs federal funded projects. Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter Follow us on […]

HtBT: Ep 141 – I was immoral

Business Podcast: We discuss what appears to be an immoral thing every American and corporation does. Why does Amazon keep being targeted by liberals? What are they upset with them for now and what are they actually doing? We will discuss today. Win an interview and HTBT swag bag. See Episode 90 & Official Rules […]

HtBT: Ep 58 – How big government makes us poorer

Let’s discuss how big government makes us poorer by taking money from US citizens with Corporate and Individual taxes. We also discuss the 3 ways the government obtains funds ¬†and the impact it has on us.