Singing and the Sons of God: On the Recovery of Maximalism

Congregational singing is in the crosshairs of Covid-19 as public health recommendations and orders from civil magistrates in some areas of the country seek to restrict the liturgy. Some churches have pulled the trigger and put singing to rest, at least for a time. Others have refused to comply. Leaving aside the question of the […]

The Patriarchy Podcast: All Hail The King (Ep 25)

On this episode of The Patriarchy Podcast, we listen to some women talk about how they don’t feel like they should be worship leaders but do it anyways, interview Jody Killingsworth from My Soul Among Lions, and discuss what it means to #worship our King like a man. Subscribe to the Fight Laugh Feast Network […]


A doxology is a short chorus of praise to the Lord, often sung as a stand-alone piece or as a coda at the conclusion of psalms, hymns, or canticles. The word comes from the Greek doxa, meaning “appearance” or “glory,” and logia, meaning “study” or “declaration.” Common doxologies include the Gloria in Excelsis Deo and […]

Pastor Wilson on Rebel Pastors

Why is the church is so impotent when it comes to impacting culture?  According to the Pew Research Center evangelicals make up about 70% of the US population, and yet why are we so impotent at influencing our culture for the good of our country and the glory of God?  Pastor Doug Wilson joins us […]