Trump opted to skip out on this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, and instead held a rally in Pennsylvania. Now, remember it was really Obama who set the precedent for being “Campaigner-in-Chief“. So if Democrats would like to criticize Trump for such behavior, they should also acknowledge their beloved Barry is Trump’s inspiration on this tactic. But since they are unable to simply bite their tongues, they are almost certain to gnaw them off completely as their hypocrisy is put on full display.

Trump broke with a 30 year tradition by not attending the WHCD, and this action generated a great deal of consternation with the so-called journalistic community. They opined about how Trump is a real threat to the 1st Amendment and the speakers endeavored to inspire the press with the holiness of their calling to be priests of objectivity, carrying out the sacrament of holding the Government accountable. Well, ok, at least holding Republican governments accountable…that is a high and holy calling.

These sermons were met with pious and reverent applause, their equivalent of “Amen” I suppose. Trump, at the same time, tells his gleeful, energetic audience how good it is to be out of the  Washington swamp, and went out of his way to point out how he could have been in that solemn room of journalists, allowing them to lecture him in the form of a “roast”, but he instead much preferred the company of the “good people” at his rally.

This contrast once again highlights how and why Trump won. For, that room full of the sanctimonious members of the Media has taken every opportunity to make their hatred for conservative America known. Even when it was supposed to be in jest, it was ever marked by spite. When “middle-America” tried their best to elect folks who would stand up to this abuse, they were quickly betrayed, for, as soon as the politician got to D.C. he would dutifully kiss the robes of the Press, reneging on all his campaign promises in order to appease the deacons of Statism.

Now, along comes Trump the Blasphemer who is willing to disrupt the liturgies and ceremonies which the Press and D.C. lawmakers have made sacred. He goes to the people who have been the Left’s favorite punching bag and validates them as “good people”. After years of being told that conservatives are intolerant, racist, homophobic, and must apologize for killing the polar bears, Trump defies the confessional creed of the Media & Liberals and pronounces societal justification upon conservatives, Republicans, “middle-Americans”, and those who just don’t like the Progressive march to insanity.

Regardless of how hard the leftists, Mainstream Media, Progressives, and “Feel-the-Berners” attempt to separate out Church from State, they will only succeed in replacing one Church with another Church. For all of American history we have largely been Christian, and in the debate on “separation of Church & State” the underlying assumption has essentially been that we are discussing the Christian Church. So, the modern push is nothing other than preaching their gospel of the “Separation of Church and State” but what should actually be termed the replacement of Church with the Church of the State.

Trump has blasphemed their order, violated their traditions, and disturbed their liturgies. It is striking that these alleged defenders of the 1st amendment forget that, as others have pointed out, Congress is the only entity that can break the 1st amendment. “Congress shall make no law.” Meaning, the Press’ full-court press to sideline Christianity in the debate of the ideas, principles, and laws which will govern our republic is, in effect, pressuring Congress to break the law. Regardless of what Trump’s end-game really is, we should take note at how offended the priests of the “Free Press” are when he disregards their Sabbaths and Holy Days; it is telling us that a false god is being worshipped, and a false church is being constituted and sanctioned in the halls of our Government.