New York, Be Not Proud

by Jesse Sumpter

“The #ReproductiveHealthAct is now law in New York State. We lit the spire pink to celebrate.” –Gov. Cuomo, Jan 22, 2019

New York, be not proud, though some have called you
Mighty and dreadful, for you are thwarted:
For those whom you tried to have aborted
Die not, poor York, your deadly law’s not true.
From Hell and Night, those foul vaginal cracks
Was your birth. And now you devil these young
Bones and arms, like butchered lamb-packs hung.
The future unborn feeds your fiscal tasks.
But you are slave to fate and all that’s feral,
And do with poison, war, and harpies slay.
And like the phallus painted pink today
Your efforts are wasted, your labor’s sterile.
One short sleep, children wake eternally
And York will be no more; New York, you’ll die.