L&P: PresupPolitics – Meet Hawkeye the Atheist Socialist

Law and Profits

This episode has adult language not suitable for little home schooled kids. Presup Politics is where I share the Gospel with socialist who want to chat with me during my live streams. I’ve really enjoyed doing these and as long as God keeps sending me socialists that want to debate I will continue to have […]

Democratic Socialist vs Christian : Live Phone Call

Law and Profits

Last night after streaming the Democratic Debate I had some viewers in the chat that wanted to have a phone call with me and tell me why I should support Universal Healthcare. Here is the audio from that conversation with Jay from Detroit.

Trump and Sanders Vs. the Elites

By Jesse Sumpter On Tuesday, the Washington Post released an opinion piece titled, “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.” There was an uproar on Twitter and the Post changed the title to “It’s time to switch to preference primaries.” The piece makes the case for preference voting at […]

HtBT: Episode 240 – Bread Line Bernie & Cup of Joe

We talk about the interview between Joe Rogan and Bernie Sanders. Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Subscribe on Youtube Follow us on Minds New Perk! Become a Fight Laugh Feast Member click here, scroll down, and put “HTBT” in the memo to get a HTBT mug.

HtBT: Ep 141 – I was immoral

Business Podcast: We discuss what appears to be an immoral thing every American and corporation does. Why does Amazon keep being targeted by liberals? What are they upset with them for now and what are they actually doing? We will discuss today. Win an interview and HTBT swag bag. See Episode 90 & Official Rules […]

Bernie Sanders and the Battle of the Gods

Last week Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders transformed a rather mundane confirmation hearing for the deputy director for the Office of Management and Budget into high political theater, pronouncing the nominee unfit for office due to his religious beliefs. Sanders highlighted a couple of sentences from an article Vought published last year at The Resurgent, in […]