What Christian Witness?

By Levi Secord One tired argument aimed at rowdy Baptists (and Presbyterians) is the need to protect our witness. As the reasoning goes, Christians should wear facemasks, not reopen before the community is ready, and submit to unlawful closures of churches all in the name of protecting our witness. I wonder if those making such […]

L&P: TV is Terrible, and Being Angry is like Christ.

I tried to do a fun episode and just talk about how bad TV is now, but towards the end of this show as I was signing out, I felt there were some things I needed to talk about. I had to repent for not being angry.

L&P: Abortion Clinic Refuses to Close by Order of Governor

Law and Profits

On this episodes we talk about how a clinic in Houston refused to shut down by Governor’s order and the corrupt police department that refused to play the man and enforce the order. The last half of this show is me taking discord calls and interacting with the live stream audience.

Prepare to Meet Your God: Repentance in the Time of Coronavirus

By Rhett Burns We live, like the old Chinese curse goes, in interesting times. A global pandemic and all its political and economic ramifications are wreaking havoc upon the world. The wise among us will ask: What is God doing through this pandemic? The very first thing we must recognize is that God is doing […]

THE MYTH OF NEUTRALITY: How Christians Should Read Coronavirus “News”

Guest Post by Joel Webbon I want to remind you friends, during this season, that although we should be diligent not to politicize everything, everything is still being politicized by just about everyone else. If we believe that political policies (including what kind of bans should be enforced during the coronavirus) flow downstream from morality, […]

The Patriarchy Podcast: Twitter, Conspiracies, and ‘Rona (Ep 39)

On this episode of The Patriarchy Podcast, we talk about some Twitter nonsense, discuss virus conspiracies, and ask ourselves how do we respond as men to the world’s new arch-nemesis, the Coronavirus. Download the “Fight Laugh Feast Network” app from the Apple, Google Play, ROKU, or Amazon Fire app store to hear us each Tuesday. […]

Put Your Mercy on Display: A Prayer in a time of Pandemic

By Rhett Burns Our Father in Heaven,  “[You are] our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea.” (Psalm 46:1-2) We find ourselves in a time of trouble and so it is a […]