Forgiveness Conquers a Dystopian World: Review of Ride, Sally, Ride

By Jesse Sumpter This book is the story for 2020. The plot is about as bizarre as 2020. And after so much craziness in 2020, even the bizarre plot of this novel doesn’t seem that implausible. I won’t spoil the story in this review so I encourage you to get your hands on it as […]

The Patriarchy Podcast: Get Married (Ep 9)

On this episode of The Patriarchy Podcast, we talk about the terrible state of marriage in our culture, hear some voicemails, interview R.J. Hoyle, and discuss getting married young. Subscribe to the Fight Laugh Feast Network (CrossPolitic Studios) podcast feed on iTunes, or your favorite podcast app, and look for episodes starting with “TPP” to […]

WCF – The Lie of the Stripclub

My first live video recorded show. Thanks to Crosspolitic for letting me invade the studio! This one is on The Lie of the Stripclub. The excellent MC for The Roots, Blackthought’s rhymes in “When the People Cheer” pull back the curtain and reveal what is really being bought and sold at a strip joint and we […]

The Patriarchy Podcast: Be Fruitful and Multiply (Ep 6)

On this episode, we talk about overpopulation, hear from “Leonard” and his new “Matriarchy” co-host, interview Pastor Matt Trewhella about birth control, and discuss fruitfulness and the blessings that are the children of believers. Subscribe to the Fight Laugh Feast Network (CrossPolitic Studios) podcast feed and look for episodes starting with “TPP” to hear us […]

Westminster Confession of Funk: Wisdom for the Work

Welcome to this episode of The Westminster Confession of Funk on the Fight, Laugh, Feast network. A Podcast about storytelling, fatherhood, music, poetry, literature, the creative process, theology and the perils of trying to live the good life.

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HtBT: Ep 42 – How to be married to an entrepreneur Let’s discuss with my wife Kelli what it’s like to be an entrepreneur’s spouse, the emotions, the support, and her role she had to support the family and the business.

Easily Steered: Support for Same-Sex Marriage at Record High

The LGBT war machine rolls on. According to the latest polling data from the Pew Research Center, natio support for so called same-sex marriage is at a record high, with nearly two-thirds of Americans saying they favor allowing same-sex couples to marry. [1] Even groups traditionally opposed to same-sex marriage such as baby boomers, blacks, […]

Idol Matching

There are some chilling similarities between the idols out there and the sacrifices they require, and the idols in our own hearts.

It is our business: How Life, Marriage, and Gender are Public Issues

Matt Walsh joined the CrossPolitic podcast this week to talk about his new book The Unholy Trinity, in which he takes aim at the Left’s “assault on life, marriage, and gender.” One point Walsh raised is that one of the Left’s strategies to make minority positions socially acceptable is to get the public at large […]

When the People Cheer – Strip-Clubs and Black Thought’s Poetic Insight

On The Roots newest album ‘. . . and then you shoot your cousin,” one of the most powerful tracks is ‘When the People Cheer.’ Each stanza is written from a different perspective. The third stanza, Black Thought’s stanza, is written from the perspective of a sex addict that has reached both a financial and existential low because he is enslaved to sexual pleasures. He knows that what he is doing is wrong, but he can no longer resist the strip clubs. He turns in to an after-hours joint to blow his last dollar on a lap dance.

Restoring of Femininity

Bekah Merkle, wife of Dr. Ben Merkle president of New Saint Andrews College, joins us to discuss why biblical femininity lost its way and how to recover the Christian role for women in this world.  Christians can focus on real women, so what did God make real women for?   You can find Bekah’s new book here […]