HtBT: Ep 160 – The positivity gospel

Business Podcast: We discuss why knowing basic business principles will help you in every area of life. We also discuss Marcus Pittman’s fantastic retweet of Lee Strobel and why Lee just doesn’t get it. Finally we talk about Marcus’ best friend Abby Johnson and how KLOVE is not presenting the total gospel putting forth only […]

Is Our Galaxy Worth Guarding? (A Sort-Of-Not-Really Movie Review)

It is true that nobody makes a new earth without first making a new heaven. – G. K. Chesterton (Ffinch 1986, 278) I have recently been wondering, if I were to travel to Krypton, would the sun give me superpowers? Or would Krypton’s sun, being red and therefore older and cooler, deplete my powers? The way chunks of Krypton […]