By Jesse Sumpter

The abortion conversation has changed. It has changed in a decisive way. And the defenders of life must press the advantage.

On Wednesday of this week, the state of Alabama passed a law making it a felony offense to perform an abortion. This is a strategic milestone in overturning the tyranny of Roe v. Wade.

While it is true that this law is really just the beginning of the next stage of the fight, there is one key part that is really an important breakthrough for the Pro-life position.

This legislation does not make any exception for abortions in the case of rape or incest. This means that those situations cannot be used as legitimate reasons for abortion in the state of Alabama.

This is a key step forward and it has changed the conversation across the country. How has it changed the conversation?

First, Alabama has set a new standard for Pro-life legislation. Pro-life laws that have exceptions for cases of rape and incest are behind the times. Even the recent Georgia Heart Beat Bill still had this exception in it. Those who are Pro-life need to use the Alabama law as the new standard for laws. It is backwards and ignorant now to write any other kind of legislation. Leave those exceptions out of the law. It seems that Missouri will soon follow Alabama’s example.

Second, this legislation gives Pro-lifers the opportunity to educate and write and talk about the issue of abortion in cases of rape and incest. There is a wide audience and public that needs to be educated on this issue. Rape and incest are not legitimate moral reasons for an abortion. And the Pro-lifers need to explain why and explain this lots and lots.

While I want to end abortion today, I recognize the nature of our country and society. We need good laws outlawing abortion and we need good moral people who understand and defend these laws. Given that we live in a constitutional republic, there are two pieces to the lawmaking process in our country: the law makers and the people. And these two pieces must move together or there will be no true and lasting change in this country. The people who vote need to be educated and changed just as much as the law makers. This piece of legislation offers a key opportunity for Pro-lifers to educate themselves and the country on this particular part of the law.


Matt Walsh saw this opportunity right away. Here is his piece on this issue: Three Reasons Why The ‘Rape And Incest’ Argument For Abortion Is Misleading, Disingenuous, And Wrong.

The Pro-abortion side has been using the rape and incest argument for years. This Alabama legislation has thrown that defense out the window.

The Pro-life side needs to use the Alabama law and spread this discussion throughout the country. To suggest that rape and incest are reasons to promote abortion is backwards and illogical. We need to take this moment to explain why.

Alabama has taken a decisive step forward. If this were a football game–I hear Alabama likes football–then Alabama has moved us across the 50 yard line and we are close to field goal range. We need to hold this new line. The Pro-life position is against murdering an innocent baby. No exceptions. Period. In the case of rape or incest, the baby is still innocent. Laws that make an exception for rape and incest are behind the times. Pro-lifers need to step up and be like Alabama.


Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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