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As I pointed out in my article on the Koran, the same methodology for the defense of the faith should be used for all non-Christian worldviews of religions. The Book of Mormon is no exception. They worship a false God, and thus it should be possible to demonstrate that by adopting their worldview, one becomes […]

The fun part about writing for a Christian blog that’s specifically political in its emphasis is that these days everything is a partisan political issue. Only an American could make a political football out of an issue like the weather. But this is what we have in the issue of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). Many […]

The debate over homosexuality is raging as much as it ever was. Indeed, arguments advocating its acceptance have gotten more and more fabulous. This has not diminished the need for Christians to give a defense of what the Bible says about homosexuality but only increased it. But when it comes to actually confronting unbelievers about […]

In Romans 1:20-23, Paul assures us all that every man, inescapably, can do one of only two things concerning his ultimate commitments: he can either worship the Creator or the creature. Naturally, the Creator God that Paul had in mind was Yahweh, revealed to be one God in three persons in both the Old and […]

Most thinking Christians have heard the Romans 13 mantra enough to know they disagree with it. Romans 13 does teach that Christians should obey the civil magistrate, but it does not teach that one should always obey unilaterally. But many Christians who agree with that do not want to be caught planning the next tax […]

[EDIT: In light of the recent uproar about Milo Yiannopoulos, I think it would be helpful to repost this article. Christians have an objective moral standard by which they condemn rape, including pedophilia. But what do men like Kershnar have? He has an atheistic, materialistic worldview, in which there is no way to account for moral […]

David Lampo published his book “A Fundamental Freedom” attempting to persuade members of the Republican party to be more progressive and become advocates of the gay rights’ movement without sacrificing their commitment to economic conservatism. As he puts it, “This, then will be the challenge for all Republicans, including libertarians and traditional conservatives…: to break […]

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