The Moment Death Begins

By Matt Williams Most of my listeners have heard that my wife and I have just gone through a miscarriage. It is painful, surreal, sobering, and most of all hopeful. That last descriptor may come as a shock to those who don’t know Christ. For those who do, we know our hope is in Him, […]

HtBT: Ep 133 – Pro-life orgs more pro-org than pro-life

Business Podcast: We discuss why pro-life organizations and politicians don’t want to see the murdering of babies ended, what we can do about it, who lobbyist are, and who to stop supporting. Don’t give anymore money to Fred Martin, Idaho Right to Life, National Right to Life, and Idaho Chooses Life.  Win an interview and […]

No Exceptions: Pro-Life Mom Refuses Chemo to Save Unborn Baby

Carrie DeKlyen, a Michigan mother of five, started getting headaches last March. After the pains worsened she saw a doctor, and scans showed a brain tumor. According to the Chicago Tribune, the pathology report revealed something more cruel: glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive brain cancer. She would have the tumor removed in April, but the […]