News Articles from CrossPolitic April 21 Show

A female student, who perceived imminent threat, kneed a boy in the groin in the girl’s school bathroom. The school has expelled her on the grounds that violence is not a means for self defense on school property.

20 girls staged a walk-out from Abraham Lincoln High in Iowa in protest of boys using girls’ bathrooms under pretense of identifying as female. In response, Abraham Lincoln High stated that transgender students are allowed to use whatever restroom they choose, regardless of others who feel their privacy invaded.

Surveys in Austin taken by grades 3-11 described sex as something one is born with and gender as how a person feels. A broad definition of “school climate” allows these surveys to increasingly ask children about personal and family beliefs under the umbrella of assessing their feelings.

The bottomline: “after two years of investigation, thousands of subpoenas, hundreds of warrants and witness interviews,” Russian operatives are proven to have had no collusion with President Trump, his presidential campaign, or with any other American. Democrats remain skeptical.