HtBt: Good News About the Economy, Ep. 164

Business Podcast: We discuss the report that came out yesterday about the USMCA. Q1 looks a lot better than expected, and interest rates came down from consumer confidence. We finally discuss two IPOs that came out yesterday.


AD: When Paul Got Woke?

This video includes a defense of AOC and some analysis of an article that was critical of my opinion on racial/ethnic hiring in the church. This is a very interesting issue and worth having further conversation over. In fact, there will be some companion videos digging a little deeper on this in the near future.


HtBt: Puff, Puff, Pass? Ep. 163

Business Podcast: We discuss a beautiful Mazda commercial with a disclaimer that reveals how litigious our society has become. We also discuss investing in marijuana companies. Should Christians be investing in them? Finally, we discuss implemented price controls.


CP: Michele Bachmann on Trump, School Lockdowns, and the Biggest Threat Facing Education with Dr. Larry Stephenson

Michele Bachmann thinks we will ‘never see a more godly, biblical president’ than Trump, Denver schools were shut down due to school threats, and the biggest threat facing education with Dr. Larry Stephenson.


HtBt: O Sluggard, Listen and Be Wise, Ep. 162

Business Podcast: We discuss how cool apps track your kids’ leaps and growth spurts. We also talk about an amazing camera phone that the Chinese have built. Then finally talk about seven tips on how to wake up early and make the most of your day.


HtBt: The Netflix Killer, Ep. 161

Business Podcast: We discuss the value Disney+ will bring. Can Disney+ take out Netflix? We discuss the branding, product, and target audience and what I think that means for Netflix as Disney enters the streaming business.


KDCP: San Jose, CFA, & Joaquin Phoenix, Ep. 13

San Jose hangs gay and trans flags outside of a Chick-Fil-A and Joaquin Phoenix is annoyed by the way Jesus performs a miracle. We look at John 9, Joaquin’s understanding, and how we apologetically interact with the text.