HtBt: My Child Has a Name, Ep. 169

A tribute to our second child.


AD: Why Fight, Laugh, Feast?

Big facts: the Fight, Laugh, Feast network tells the whole story without the sugar-coating. Don’t let the gospel coalition, CNN, The Washington Post, set the agenda. The meat of scripture is found in the application. We don’t have to borrow from democratic politics to speak the truth.


HtBt: Don’t Go Fast . . . But Zoom, Ep. 168

Business Podcast: We discuss an interview with the CEO of Zoom. He overcame systemic adversity by being rejected several times by the United States. After finally arriving to the states, he ended up launching one of the only Tech IPO’s that are profitable. We discuss his interview and so much more.


CP Mid-week Fix: Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher On the Mueller Report

Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher joins us to discuss the Mueller report, and what is going on in D.C. We also discuss what the next two years mean for Idaho. Enjoy the show!


HtBt: Grow Fast or Die, Ep. 167

Business Podcast: We discuss how important it is to grow and keep your customers. We provide three ways small businesses can grow and compete against big businesses. We also discuss an incubator in Pennsylvania that converted an old steel factory into a place to grow businesses.


The Resurrection, Ep. 14

In this episode, I begin to lay out the historical case for Jesus’ resurrection. I lay out why you should believe the Gospels were written within 40 years of the death of Jesus by eyewitnesses or secondhand accounts. The intro and outro music is provided by the All Saved Freak Band. You can visit my website at if you have any questions for me.


HtBt: 7 Hacks to Wake Up Earlier, Ep. 166

Business Podcast: We discuss seven hacks to help you wake up earlier to be more successful. Also we show you a video of a new phone made by the Chinese and their spying strategy.


CP: Mueller Time with AG Barr, Gender is How You Feel, and 20 Questions with Pastor Josh Buice

High schools continue to fail to protect students by openly condemning self defense and pushing their ideologies on kids. We give you our first take on the Mueller report, and more development on this will follow. Josh Buice, pastor and founder of G3 Conference, joins us for 20 questions. Show notes and links at the bottom of this email. Enjoy the show!


HtBt: Leave Your Health Insurance For This, Ep. 165

Business Podcast: We interview Anthony Hopp from Samaritan Ministries. Anthony explains the value Samaritan Ministries provides: an affordable, Christian, biblically based solution for our broken healthcare system. A big thank you to Anthony and Samaritan Ministries for taking the time to share their business.