DOANE!T Episode Ten: The Hustle Grind Pubcast: Pure Hustle and Grind

The world is at our fingertips and this generation seems to look past it. In this fascinating episode, Darren reflects on what pure hustling and grinding looked like in the early 90s and 2000s. It’s hard to believe people didn’t have what we have today right? What’s even harder to believe are people not hustling […]

DOANE!T Episode Nine: The Hustle Grind Pubcast

Within the Doane Cast, as we go deeper into the Doaneverse, there will be multiple platforms of Podcasts and content from Darren himself. Make sense? It doesn’t have to because we aren’t trying to be precious. With some beats lairing the thoughts of Doane, The Hustle Grind Pub is a place where Darren discusses what […]

DOANE!T Episode One: Don’t Let your Content be Precious

Acclaimed filmmaker Darren Doane enters the podcast realm with 30 years of stories, experience, interviews, tips and the future of content creation. Trigger Warning: The gods of filmmaking will be cast down, preciousness will be mocked and those who actually do stuff will be greatly encouraged. *Start submitting questions, concepts or subjects here or DM […]

Coronaing Out of Control

By Levi Secord At this point, frustration, bewilderment, and despair rule over much of our world. As a pastor, I’m tasked with shepherding my flock throughout life. This calling includes helping them live faithfully in the face of global uncertainty. Trials shed light on who we are, especially our weaknesses. Unfortunately, like with other controversies […]

L&P – Zuckerberg, Social Media and Media

Law and Profits

On this episode we discuss Mark Zuckerberg wanting to regulate the internet, then he gets regulated. LOL. Then we talk about the importance of Christian’s being the innovators of media and why that is so important, and why The Gospel Coalition has failed and is failing.

HtBT: Ep 103 – AOC is not A-OK

Welcome to How To Build a Tent. YouTube/Facebook/Periscope/Twitter Video Release * 12pm PT. Business Plan Contest. Submit your plan by 3/31/2019 to Win an interview and HTBT swag bag. See Episode 90 & Official Rules for more details. New Perk! Become a Crosspolitic Member click here, scroll down, and put “HTBT” in the memo to […]

Kill You to Call – Nicki Bluhm and The Blues as Connection

The Blues are sad songs. No one wants that. And yet The Blues persist. There is little reason to believe that The Blues is going away. Even when the current pop music is thumping and protesteth its cheerfulness too much, The Blues continue to hold a steady fanbase. I was sitting in one of my […]

Trump the Blasphemer

Trump opted to skip out on this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, and instead held a rally in Pennsylvania. Now, remember it was really Obama who set the precedent for being “Campaigner-in-Chief“. So if Democrats would like to criticize Trump for such behavior, they should also acknowledge their beloved Barry is Trump’s inspiration on this […]