The Patriarchy Podcast: Election Night 2020 Live! (Ep 44.5)

On this episode, we go live! Listen to our live broadcast from Election Night 2020! Download the “Fight Laugh Feast Network” app from the Apple, Google Play, ROKU, or Amazon Fire app store to hear us each Tuesday. Support The Patriarchy and get access to bonus content, including the members only show “After The Sandwich,” […]

L&P – Whistle Blowers and Vape Puffers

Law and Profits

On this episode we talk about whistleblowers and the Trump Impeachment. Why is it that this CIA whistleblower is a hero, but Snowden is not?   Watch this Snowden interview: We also talk about the FDA’s plans to ban vaping. Tyranny.    

HtBT: Episode 221 – Teach your kids this

A 30 year study finds a correlation between 4-5 year olds behavior and their earnings 30 years later. President Donald Trump teaches us a great lesson in life. We also talk about condescending Yang and Libra. Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Subscribe on Youtube Follow us on Minds New Perk! Become […]

HtBT: Ep 192 – Rare earth minerals. Not rare

Business Podcast: China’s new threat in the trade war is weak. Markets think the FEDS are lying and will raise rates twice. Factories are coming to town! Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Subscribe on Youtube Follow us on Minds New Perk! Become a Fight Laugh Feast Member click here, scroll down, […]

HtBT: Ep 147 – A.C.A getting the A-X-E?

Business Podcast: We talk about the Justice Department’s position on the ACA ruling by the Texas Federal Judge. Private sector solutions instead of the ACA besides tort reform and crossing state lines. We discuss what the difference is between the health insurance sector and the other sectors in our economy. What would it look like […]

HtBT: Ep 137 – Trump’s Battle Line Budget

Business Podcast: We give an update on one of my investment strategies I’ve been playing around with. Can you guess how many items the average American has in their home? We talk about the number and if it’s a good or bad thing. We then finally discuss what is in the Budget and why it […]

HtBT: Ep 58 – How big government makes us poorer

Let’s discuss how big government makes us poorer by taking money from US citizens with Corporate and Individual taxes. We also discuss the 3 ways the government obtains funds  and the impact it has on us.

Hitching Their Wagons: Evangelicals and the Politics of Respectability

Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, published a takedown of Trump-supporting evangelicals in the latest issue of The Atlantic. Gerson attempts to answer the question of how a once confident and influential cultural movement became an anxious minority seeking protection from a very un-Christian president. He is at his best when […]

A Just War and Just War

There’s a world of difference between a just war and just war. There is war for a just reason, and there is war just to be able to say you did something while in office. Wars can serve to boost patriotism, nationalism. and For the GOP, it often bolsters the “rah, rah, rah” spirit that […]

Let’s Just All Stop Breathing

Climate Change Catechism If you want a peek into what sort of moral value system the public schools of America have catechized our children with look up the #ParisAccords. There, especially amongst the young folk, you will see ample apologies to the world for our “*expletive* dumb President”. They have been taught for decades how […]

Will the Russia Thing Bring Trump Down?

Remember when Trump was supposed to be “our boy?” He won a plurality of the vote among American evangelicals. Our portion of American society clearly thought he was worth casting a vote for. But now, with a new Trump scandal every five minutes, it’s worth revisiting how Christians should react to the Trump administration’s weaknesses. […]

Trump the Blasphemer

Trump opted to skip out on this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, and instead held a rally in Pennsylvania. Now, remember it was really Obama who set the precedent for being “Campaigner-in-Chief“. So if Democrats would like to criticize Trump for such behavior, they should also acknowledge their beloved Barry is Trump’s inspiration on this […]

Stepping Off the Tram: Turkey, America, and Presidential Power

Back when he was mayor of Istanbul, Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyıp Erdoğan, once famously quipped that democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you get to your destination, then you step off. Well, after Sunday’s constitutional referendum, democracy has exited the station, and Turkey is standing on the platform awaiting whatever comes next. […]

Syria, Trump, Gorsuch, and Christians in the Business World

In this episode we take on Christians in business.  So many Christians separate their faith from their politics, and to our topic, their businesses.  Jesus died for the world and there is no domain where Christ does not reign.  Christians are called to glorify God in everything and this should obviously include our work in the business world. […]

And the Children Shall Feed Them

TIME recently ran this article entitled, “Transgender Americans Feel Vulnerable Under President Trump”. It aims to give voice to the plight of the 0.6% of the US population who suffer indescribable pain at the fact that the Trump administration rolled back Obama’s famous “bathroom” executive order. The article outlines the fears which the transgender community is feeling as a […]

Apologia Studios, Trump’s 100 Days Update, and Olaudah Equiano

Apologia Studios joins us in our studios which makes for some fast paced, high octane discussions.  We also bring Seth Bloomsburg in the studio to catch us up on Trump’s 100 days plan regarding his promises on immigration and gun regulations. Lastly, Pastor Luke Walker also joins us to discuss his biography on Olaudah Equiano.  Equiano was […]

Discussing Immigration, Walls, and Is Genesis History?

How should immigration look in our current context, and was Trump’s immigration executive order wrong-headed?  We also discuss what walls are good for, and what the Old Testament has to say about building walls.  Lastly we interview the director of Is Genesis History? Thomas Purifoy Jr.  Throughout most of history, Genesis was considered an accurate and […]